Monday 15 July 2013

From Root to Branch - Study Guide for the Year of Theological Education

2013 is the Year of Theological Education for the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.

The College of the Transfiguration has coordinated a Study Guide, 'From Root to Branch' to help all Anglicans engage more deeply with Theological Education, as a means of helping us all - whether ordained or lay - in our calling to 'grow in knowledge and love of God, and of his Son, Jesus Christ'.

I wholeheartedly commend to you these Studies, confident that God will bless us as we use them to help us grow in the life to which God calls us.

The studies contribute to our prioritising of Theological Education during 2013. Our aim is to affirm and consolidate the central role it plays within the Province, for it is at the heart of our fundamental strategy of ensuring both ordained and lay leaders are equipped for guiding, directing, and encouraging the life of ACSA and its members, in our ministry within our parishes and in our mission to God's world at every level.

More than this, I am sure you will enjoy following these carefully constructed studies - and also using the special liturgy created for Theological Education Sunday on 18 August. Reading them, I have found my own heart and mind stirred to appreciate in new ways how much God does for us, not only in calling us to faith, but in leading us forward through all the adventures of life, as we respond to Jesus? call "Follow me!"

You can discover more about the Year of Theological Education, and find the link to download the studies, through the COTT website,