Thursday 13 May 2010

Statement on the Afriqiya Airways Plane Crash

Issued on 12 May 2010

News of the horrific plane crash that took place Tripoli this morning has come as a great shock to us all.

We are sad and sore at the thought of the more than one hundred passengers and crew who lost their lives. I offer my own condolences, and those of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, to all those who are affected by this tragedy of our prayers. We hold them, and those who have been killed in this tragedy, in our prayers. I am sure that our places of worship will be available to all those who have lost loved ones, whether for memorial services, or to receive the care and support of our clergy as they deal with their deep sense of loss and honestly face the depths of their grief.

We do not know the cause of the crash – and even if we did, it would not alter the way that our hearts weep within us. We call for the relevant aviation authorities to determine and declare the cause soon, so that others can learn from this tragedy.

We thank God for the sole survivor, a young boy. In his survival, we see that even in this dark cloud of death, there is this ray of hope. More than this, in this season of Easter, I pray that the knowledge that Jesus Christ died and was raised to new life so that all who trust in him can share in this same life beyond death, may be a source of comfort, hope and strength, to all those affected by this disaster.

The Most Revd Dr Thabo Makgoba

Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town

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