Monday 9 December 2019

An update on Archbishop Desmond's condition

Dear Parishioners

Many of you will have read that it is hoped that Archbishop Emeritus Desmond will be out of hospital early this week. 
The Archbishop giving Desmond and Leah Tutu his award for peace and justice.

I went to see him yesterday after our Advent ordinations at St George’s Cathedral. I found him sitting up on a chair after saying his Evening Office. He was looking physically much better than when I last saw him – he is in a good space. During the ordinations, the tassles of my mitre got stuck at its apex and stuck out from my head like a pair of bunny ears until the Dean stepped in and fixed them. Archbishop Desmond laughed so much I think he would have been rolling around had he been younger.

He said he was healing and hoped to be home soon, and as always also expressed his appreciation for his medical team and his doctor. But he spent much more time asking about the health and welfare of our bishops and clergy, expressing anxiety at our heavy schedules as bishops. I had the impression that he spends a good deal of his time praying for us all, and I know he deeply values the various intercession lists that many of you send him.

I passed on the greetings to him that I had received from parishioners and he asked me:

“Please write and say that you passed on their love and prayers for me, and that I have received these with great appreciation and I send my love and prayers to them too.”

He then asked me to lay my hands on him and bless him. I did, he said “Amen”, then took off his glasses and wiped his eyes. He insisted on standing, with difficulty, to see me off at the door.

I know you will all keep him and all his family in your prayers.

God bless

++Thabo Cape Town

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