Tuesday 29 July 2008

Joint Session on Abuse Evoked Deep Emotions

Today we had a joint session with the spouses reflecting on abuse. The plenary Bible study on 2nd Samuel, the story of Tamar, was the basis of our discussion ably led by Prof Gerald West (University of KwaZulu/Natal). The session evoked deep-seated emotions but the audience was a mature one and obviously restrained. We were given time out with our spouses to reflect on the session.

I had brief meetings and input with the Reflection group tasked with producing a document from the raw data collected from the Indaba process and a useful meeting with ++ABC (the Archbishop of Canterbury) during lunch on the Primates' meetings.

Bible study was in the afternoon today. Following a busy morning, I had a little rest and could not get to it but read the text alone. I missed being there: my group is a source of energy and strength.

At 5pm I had an interview with the Church Times. +Rowan’s second presidential address (photo at left/ACNS Gunn) was apt, speaking into our situation, drawing biblical principles, reflecting on the challenges that we currently face and calling us not to forget the centre, even in Jesus.

The rain has brought welcome weather.

God bless,


PS: Some links have been added to earlier posts below: on the group on HIV/Aids and TB, and the text of Archbishop Rowan's sermon on Sunday.

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