Saturday 2 October 2010

Anglican Church backs political reform in Swaziland

The Anglican Church of Southern Africa has given its backing to political reform in Swaziland.

In a resolution adopted on Friday, the church’s three-yearly Provincial Synod asked Archbishop Thabo Makgoba of Cape Town to “constructively engage” Swazi civil society and political leaders with a view to “contributing towards peaceful change in Swaziland.”

The church includes a diocese in Swaziland. The synod was meeting in Benoni, South Africa.

The full text of the synod resolution read:



1.1 The support the Diocese of Swaziland receives from PSC, Provincial Synod, and the Synod of Bishops in the effort to advocate for political reforms in Swaziland;

1.2 The continuous involvement of the Anglican Church under Bishop Meshack Mabuza to engage with other civil society organisations and the leadership of that country;

1.3 The relevant courtesy visit by the Metropolitan to meet with King Mswati III;

GIVES THANKS to God for the Archbishop and his leadership and evident concern for:

• the poor and disadvantaged of our societies;

• the lack of democracy and good governance;

• the lack of respect for human rights, especially in Swaziland as evidenced in his charge.


1. Respectfully to request the Metropolitan to continue building relations with the political leadership of Swaziland with the aim of engaging them on these important issues:

2. To respectfully request the Metropolitan to include in his visits a listening and consultation process with:

• other civil society groups in Swaziland,

• political and civil leadership of South Africa

• other countries in the Province

and thereby constructively engage them in contributing towards peaceful change in Swaziland;

3. That the Swaziland issue remains a permanent, important and priority agenda item for discussion and feedback at all Synods of Bishops, Provincial Synods and PSCs.

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