Saturday 13 October 2012

Update on Diocese of Pretoria

This media release was issued on 12 October 2012, on behalf of the Synod of Bishops.

As requested by the Synod of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, in their follow-up to the Report of the Task Team (appointed in terms of Canon 21.3 by the Archbishop on the recommendation of the Synod of Bishops) the Provincial Treasurer, Mr Rob Rogerson, has been in Pretoria this week. He has reviewed the accounts, both for 2011 and 2012, of the Diocesan Finance Board, Diocesan Trusts’ Board, the Bishop’s Endowment Fund and the Cathedral accounts (presently being managed by the Diocese of Pretoria), and has found the quality of accounting to be of a high order. Mr Rogerson has also reviewed the audited accounts for 2011 for all these bodies, and confirms that both the accounts and the management reports reflect a financially well run Diocese. Mr Rogerson is in the process of compiling a detailed report of his visit which should be completed early next week.

Following last week’s meetings between the team of Bishops (appointed by the Synod of Bishops) and the Parish Council of St Alban’s Cathedral, the Report of the Task Team (under Canon 21.3) has been made available to the Council for its consideration. It has also been given to the Diocesan Executive. The sharing of the report, on a confidential basis, has been done in the interests of openness and transparency, and to lay to rest any concerns that may have arisen over its contents, and so that it may assist in further discussions with the Synod of Bishops’ representatives, which will be continuing next week. With these meetings continuing, there is no intention at present to make the Report a public document.

Issued by the Office of the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town
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