Wednesday 25 June 2014

Platinum miners made "real gains" in strike

Platinum miners have achieved "real gains" in the settlement signed yesterday, says Archbishop Thabo Makgoba of Cape Town.

Archbishop Makgoba, who joined other church leaders in maintaing contact with both parties during the strike, issued the following statement today:

"I want to congratulate AMCU and the platinum mining companies on settling the strike.

"The negotiations and the strike have been tough and drawn out, but negotiation has triumphed. Although democracy is messy and complex, it creates a more secure atmosphere for harmony and collaboration in the longer term.

"The union and its members can feel satisfied they have achieved real gains - for now and the future - on the best terms available. The managements can feel that a more equitable deal for their workers will help to secure labour peace in the future."

Friday 13 June 2014

An Appeal for Renewed Prayer for Platinum Miners

Please join us in renewed prayer at this delicate stage of consultation and negotiation to end the dispute in the platinum mining industry: 


We continue to pray in this week after Pentecost Sunday

For the spirit of truth to prevail in resolving the dispute in the platinum mining industry

And that God will guide and lead the labour union, AMCU, and the mining houses to reconciliation.

We pray for the parties to return to the talks and find lasting solutions to the social and wage problems they face at this time.

May each put themselves in the shoes of the other and move forward together for the sake of the common good and the safety of all, especially the employees.

Lord, we are confident that there is a solution, that a compromise can be found, and that these will be attained.

The journey has been long, Lord, and each party has flexed its muscles but now each has to help carve out the way forward as they return to the collective bargaining table.

Lord you are creator and owner of all that there is: mines, minerals and all your people, employer and employee,

Act now, Lord, through these so that your glory may be revealed,

For your name's sake,


 +Thabo Cape Town