Tuesday 31 July 2012

Celebration of the Anglicans ACT Vision - November 25

Important news about a big Celebration of the Anglicans ACT Vision, on 25 November 2012!! See this letter from the Provincial Executive Officer to the Bishops.

Dear Bishops

Greetings in Christ.

The Provincial Standing Committee resolved in 2011 that a celebration of the ACSA Vision and Mission Statement, Anglicans ACT, is to be held on the feast day of St Andrew this year. The Celebration Committee has met, and I write to share the plans around which we are working to celebrate Anglicans ACT.

First and foremost, we are grateful that Anglicans Ablaze will kick start these celebrations at their conference from 3-6 October 2012. This group, under the leadership of Bishop Martin has done sterling work on the vision and mission statements of our province. They have produced sermon resource / small group material on each section of the vision and mission statements as well as a suitable collect. Our recommendation is that parishes should be encouraged to engage with these excellent resources in the run-up to the Conference. The conference speakers will then take each aspect and expand on it. The feedback from Anglicans Ablaze will be invaluable for our celebration of life together amidst our many missional challenges.

The second and main event will be in the format of a service which is broadcast via the DSTV platform to select venues throughout the Province. This DSTV platform will see us distributing special cards for use in an ordinary DSTV decoder. The user would then be able to tune in to the St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town from where the Metropolitan would address the Province in live time on Sunday November 25, 2012 (it is a known secret that the Archbishop' dream is one day to have an ACSA Radio station or TV channel, for communication is key for him).

More information about this celebration of our common life through our shared mission and vision will follow as soon as the arrangements are firmly in place. We would appreciate it much if you could insert this date in your diocesan diary and also inform parish clergy and all about this important Provincial activity. We have also asked Loraine to write about it in the next issue of the Southern Anglican.

By end of July, we will send to the Bishops and parishes special liturgies for the morning of November 25 to celebrate the Anglicans ACT vision and mission.

In addition to the above, souvenirs, and communications material such as pamphlets, brochures and posters will be available by August.

In the love of Christ

Revd Allan Kannemeyer
Provincial Executive Officer