Thursday 25 July 2013

Archbishop Challenges the Bishops!

I have issued the following challenge, for Theological Education Sunday, to my brother and sister Bishops of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa! And there is a challenge also to all other Anglicans ...

A Message from Archbishop Thabo to the Anglican Church of Southern Africa

Theological Education Sunday, 18 August 2013, is now approaching! It is the date for Anglicans in Southern Africa to show our commitment to well-trained lay and ordained leaders for today and tomorrow. As part of this, all Anglicans are asked to give R10 – or R100, or R1000, or whatever you can – to a special collection for the Endowment Fund of the College of the Transfiguration. This will ensure COTT’s continuing development: its physical resources, its teaching capacity, and bursaries. Bishops are called to give leadership to the Church, so I am personally pledging R1000 from my own pocket, and I challenge all other ACSA Bishops to match me, or better me!

Good theological education and formation, for clergy and people, is the best possible foundation we can give our church for today and tomorrow. I ask your support, both financial, and through prayer and spiritual commitment, and commend to you all the ‘From Root to Branch’ studies prepared by COTT and available for download via the link at