Tuesday 18 November 2014

Archbishop to deliver "online" Advent reflections on the web

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba is to "broadcast" a series of Advent reflections over the internet in the pilot programme of a planned audio ministry for the Church.

The reflections will be available online on his blog, and through church websites, from one or two days before each Sunday in Advent.

"Communication is part and parcel of the glue which binds the Church together," he said when announcing the pilot.

"We have bishops, theologians and others in the Church who have gifts in audio ministry which until now have not been used properly because of the limited opportunities on radio.

"But now the internet makes it feasible to make material available 'on-demand' easily and cheaply using technology which is accessible to all.

"I hope that as we develop our communication strategies in the Province and the dioceses, we can integrate audio ministry into an integrated range of initiatives, from the Provincial website and the new online 'Southern Anglican' to the E-Reader project based at Bishopscourt."

You can listen to the Advent reflections online on Soundcloud, or download them to listen to later by clicking on the Download button.

Click on the Play button below to hear the Archbishop sketch his vision for the new ministry.


  1. Thank you so much Sobaba this will really enhance the church with all this excellent resources we have.

  2. Thank you so much Archbishop Thabo. This is so relevant and exciting new journey in the life of the church. I will be posting this blog message onto my parish website as well. Http://www.allsaintsbellair.org.za.

  3. Revd Alvin D S Sigamoney24 November 2014 at 14:58

    Thank your Grace. Looking forward to yr Advent series. Revd Alvin D S Sigamoney


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