Thursday 10 September 2015

Prayer for Refugees and Migrants - by Archbishop Thabo Makgoba

On the feast of the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2015

O God, give us tender hearts and restless minds,
to pray and act with open hearts and discerning minds.

O Christ, move us to ask profound questions,
about the plight of your people.

You know each one of them by name,
they are all yours.

Our hearts are torn Lord, because
some are running from fighting and violence,
some are running from hunger,
some are running from political persecution.
Why do you seem far off from them?

Holy Spirit of God,
help us to pray and act for refugees and migrants everywhere.
You know each of their situations,
whether forced to flee their homelands,
or displaced within the countries of their birth,

You care equally for every one of them,
whether from Syria or South Sudan,
Afghanistan or Zimbabwe,
Eritrea or Nigeria,
Burundi or the Central African Republic

You call upon us to extend Your embrace to all people,
Guide us, Lord, in opening ourselves to their plight in practical ways,
without fear or prejudice.

For your tender mercy's sake.


  1. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer!

  2. Can anyone pray this prayer? Do prayers have copyright protection? I'd like to pray this prayer at the beginning of our world religions class.

    1. Please do feel free to use Archbishop Thabo's prayer. We would appreciate you letting us know where and when it was used! And if you publish it on the web or in print, please credit it. Thank you!

      God bless you.


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