Friday 27 November 2015

From Paris, Archbishop calls for climate change agreement

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, in Paris for the UN climate change conference, has called for an agreement to be reached at the talks which promotes renewable energy, helps people to adapt to climate change and where that is not possible, to give them assistance to mitigate its effects.

He is attending the conference as a Global Climate Ambassador of the ACT Alliance, an international ecumenical grouping of churches and faith-based organisations concerned with development.

In a release issued by the alliance, Archbishop Thabo said: “The UN climate talks have for many years stressed that global temperature rise must remain well below 2 degrees, and it is now time to operationalize this target.

“We need an agreement that will enable renewable energy uptake and sustainable development and resilience. People need help to adapt, and when that is not possible – when people face loss and damage to the extent that no further adaptation is possible, there must be assistance to help them to move on.”

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From left, ACT Alliance General Secretary John Nduna, Archbishop Thabo and Moderator Sushant Agarwal at the climate conference in Paris.

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