Saturday 9 April 2016

Blogging from Lusaka - ACC-16 "walks together"

The clouds forming on Thursday did burst, and we had rain yesterday. It's still cloudy and, thank God, not hot.

We were warmly welcomed by the Diocese of Lusaka and the ACC was duly constituted. We are seated in round tables and will remain so throughout the meeting. I always enjoy the real expression of communion in the diversity of small groups - I am in a group with Irish, Tanzanian, Cypriot, Zimbabwean, West Indian and a Malawian representative now residing in the USA.

We started with a beautifully crafted Bible study on the book of Ruth. I call it an inter-racial, inter-cultural, cross-cultural and cross-class account of the foundation of God's elect. We share deeply and find each other and God in our sharing.

Archbishop Justin gave a brilliant and theologically-balanced account of the Primates Meeting in January and explains the concept of “walking together”. His report was accepted by ACC-16, confirming that we will walk together, with our blemishes and all.
Archbishop Justin speaks.

The cathedral choir soaked our Mass with their beautiful voices as the filled the huge Holy Cross Cathedral with melody. We end the day with an orientation of how ACC works. As with most elective assemblies and synods at home, there are more and more new people - it's my third ACC and I felt old when almost two-thirds of people raised their hands to indicate that it's their first ACC. Hence orientation was key.

We say Evening Prayer together and walk to our hotels. Please continue to soak us in prayer: pray for the West Indies representatives, prevented by a cyclone from attending, and also those who have decided not to come. We belong with each other in this reformed Catholic, Anglican family.

†Thabo Cape Town

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