Tuesday 3 September 2019

Archbishop Thabo writes to South Africa's President about attacks on migrants

In 2017, then Deputy President Ramaphosa at Bishopscourt.

His Excellency M. Cyril Ramaphosa
President of the Republic

Dear Mr President,

We know that you are as distressed as we in the churches are at the injury to people and the wanton looting of the property of those perceived to be migrants that we have seen in recent days. In a number of areas, the police seem to be overwhelmed.  One fears for the chaos that will ensue if this spreads completely out of control of the law enforcement agencies.

Mr President, would you please consider making a national plea for calm, firmly telling the people to stop the inhuman acts of destroying, burning and looting of property and the hurting and even killing of others. Tangible acts by government to show that you have plans to provide people with jobs and hope need to be accompanied by a warning that targetting foreigners will drive investors away from the country, and far from improving the lives of our people, these attacks will accelerate the crisis of unemployment and hunger.

I consistently appeal for support for your new dawn, and you, your family and your administration are constantly in the churches' prayers.

God bless you.

+Thabo Cape Town


  1. AMEN! Thank you Archbishop Thabo.

  2. South Africans are fools in perception.

  3. Those you see in the xenophobic attack and looting are in the minority. That is an act of criminality and thuggery. But if we in the majority keep mute about these crimes and allow these minority few keep throwing heavy dirt on SA then we have forgotten how small the apartheid government was in size but deadly in action.

    I am even more devastated by those who supposedly have strong followinging and yet playing "I care less". Those who carry themselves as motivational speakers, influencers, and leadership practitioner yet quite about these attacks that is running South Africa in the mud, what is their motivation? You either speak up or be seen as apart of the attacks. Does silence means concern?

    Those who are pushing " junk" news about some nationals upon all your education, keep sailing till it is your turn elsewhere some day.

    Some few people are busy brainwashing and instilling crime in the hearts of our little minds and hearts, and you pretend with the greeting "leadership".

    Go down there and hear how they see the world especially other African nationals.

    I brag to my friends that SA is my second home, and it is all due to how I am made to feel at home when ever I visit. I have made efforts to comb areas like Yeoville, Berea, K-LA-K, etc I cannot keep mute over this shame few are bent on bringing unto SA.

    SA is made up of 2.2 million plus immigrants (Source Loren Landau of University of the Witwatersrand) meaning about 0.5% of an entire 57 .7 Million population

    This population does not account for even 1% of SA worth, but everyone knows the fact of which minority (8%) of the SA population who owns 85% plus of the national assets. So how can 2.2 million (0.5%) people be the reasons for no jobs crime etc. Let us not wear crime nationality, they hide behind it.

    According to " theSouthafrican.com" there about 4.3 million South Africans living in different countries and this number is far above of those immigrants living in SA.

    In 2017, tourism contributed to R136.1billion which is 2.9% of GDP, when tourism’s indirect and induced benefits across a very broad value chain are
    factored in, the total contribution amounts to R412,5 billion, or 8.9% of our GDP and Tourism directly and indirectly supported about 1,5 million jobs in 2017, 9.5% of total
    employment. (source SA annual tourism report 2017/18)
    The above statistics isn't known to these thugs and criminals on rampage and how their xenophobic and shop looting is ripping the nation off billions of rand. Who will engage these our families in fruitful dialogue so they can understand the facts, figures, myths, and greed of just few lazy butts.

    There are over 20 solid South African brands doing businesses across Africa and repatriating their revenues back to SA economy. So it will is very myopic for those few criminals to even think some "foreign nationals" are taking their jobs, whiles per statistics these groups are negligible.

    It is said that, minority evil doers are not the ones who breaks a nation, but the majority who are silent and watch on for these minority evil doers have a field day.

    There is high youth unemployment but is this the way to find jobs, sadly these attacks and looting isn't by the youth alone.

    Equally there are some few fellow Africans residence in SA who are into illegitimate business and crime, the law should be allowed to deal with them, than boxing everyone up. Some of these criminals have SA nationals as partners which makes crime not a particular nationality tag. Let us all play by the rules of engagement, we cannot be seen fighting among ourselves.

    Africa stood together to fight apartheid, it is about time, we stand together to fight this neo-aparthied dragon called xenophobia and shop looting, before it devours us all.

    Let peace reign in South Africa
    Let rekindle the spirit of Ubuntu
    Amandla !!!
    Viva South Africa!!!
    Viva Africa

    Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah
    Transformational Coach

  4. My Dear Father in God. Thank you for being the voice in the wilderness. The Church needs to take up her rightful place. You are as always in our prayers and thoughts . Respectfully yours in His service. Fr. Johnathin

  5. Thank you your Grace. The plea you make to our president clearly shows that you are a true shepherd. We will continue to uphold our country, it's people, migrants and the government under President Ramaphosa to reach an amicable solution to this turmoil.


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