Friday 18 June 2021

Archbishop commends Holy Land studies

The Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem’s hospital in Gaza provides emergency care in the conflict.

My dear sisters and brothers of ACSA,

In September 2019, our Provincial Synod passed a resolution expressing our strong support for justice for the Palestinian people.  In order to give effect to our Provincial Synod resolution, one of the actions I have taken is to commission a series of studies for use in parishes around the Province.  Those studies are now ready and are available freely on our Provincial website or here>> I commend them to you and would strongly urge that as many Bible study groups as possible make use of them.  

The issues of the Holy Land and its conflict are deeply complex and there are no easy answers. But before we express opinions it is a good spiritual discipline to try and understand more clearly and listen to one another more carefully.  It is my belief that these studies will facilitate this understanding and listening process.

Since the passing of the Provincial Synod Resolution and my recent Pentecost letter concerning the conflict in Israel and Palestine, I have received a number of comments both commending and condemning our Provincial decision.  It is very clear that there are strong feelings about the issues which divide the people of the Holy Land.  It is my hope and prayer that the use of these studies will assist us all to make more informed opinions and thus contribute to peace and justice rather than fuelling divisions and conflict. 

As always, I implore you to pray for a just peace in Palestine and Israel.

God bless,

+Thabo Cape Town

LINK to the studies: 

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