Monday 23 May 2022

Archbishop issues Ascension Day prayer for peace in Africa, Europe & the Middle East

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba has urged people to pray for peace on Ascension Day, and has issued a special prayer for parishes and Dioceses to use.

Preaching at a memorial service for the Revd Siyabulela Gidi, who died suddenly in Cape Town recently, he appealed to everyone "to give peace a chance wherever we are and in whatever we do."

He added: "In our communities, in our country and the world let us end the resurgence of conflict and war. As we look towards the Ascension, let us continue to pray for the people of Ukraine and Russia, for those in South Sudan, Mali and Ethiopia, for those in Yemen, Palestine and Israel, that social justice and the peace that flows from justice will prevail."

He published the following Ascension Day prayer today:

Loving God,

Your Son Jesus Christ has ascended in glory

and called many to witness of his resurrection:

Guide us and make us new that we may work for peace and unity in the world; 

For you live and reign in the unity of the blessed Trinity 

One God, now and forever,



  1. We shall so continue to pray for peace of the world and Russia=Ukrainean War. Thanks Your Grace! +Bethlehem Nopece.

  2. Thanks Bishop Will do so


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