Tuesday 13 December 2022

Archbishop Thabo on South African Parliament's vote on impeachment proceedings

The Archbishop has issued the following statement on today's vote in Parliament:

“Democracy is messy and today's vote in Parliament still leaves the country and the governing party with deep moral and ethical challenges. While we have to subject ourselves to the democratic process, and accept Parliament's vote, this saga is not yet over.

“We still have to hear from the National Prosecuting Authority, from the South African Revenue Service and the Reserve Bank. Whatever happens, President Ramaphosa's credibity has suffered a blow and he will have to re-earn the trust of South Africans.

“Going forward, I hope politicians will devote as much energy and passion as they have to Phala Phala, to creating conditions conducive to creating jobs, ending inequality and boosting our energy supplies. If they do not, they will be made to pay for it at the polls.”

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