Wednesday 10 January 2024

A Prayer for the International Court of Justice

Archbishop Thabo issued the following prayer to the church today, ahead of the case in The Hague on Thursday and Friday in which South Africa will ask the International Court of Justice to interdict Israel from its actions in Gaza:

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A Prayer for the International Court of Justice

Lord, the world – your world – is sick of war.

Religious leaders sometimes call this anachronism “just war”,

But wars kill and instill fear in your children,

Wars blind your people to reality and truth,

Whereas you call us to search for non-violent solutions to human conflict.

Seeking that all should live in peace and that hostages of war are released,

We turn our gaze today to The Hague,

We pray for members of the International Court of Justice,

That they will say “Yes” to justice and peace, and “No” to violence and conflict.

We say this war in Gaza, Israel and Lebanon must stop,

That it's time to reveal your truth and bring all war to an end.

Be with all who seat around tables seeking peace,

Speak to the moral conscience of soldiers,

Speak to those who supply weapons to the world's killing fields,

Turn their thoughts and deeds to those of peace.

We ask this in your name,

For you are the Life and the Resurrection.


Archbishop Thabo Makgoba

January 11, 2023

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