Friday 20 December 2013

Lenten Bible Studies for 2014 - by Professor Gerald West

In my Ad Laos for December, I commend the Lenten Bible Studies produced by Professor Gerald West to every diocese and parish for Lent 2014.

I hope they will allow God to speak to us afresh as a Province through these scriptures.

Our Provincial Synod 2010 approved the Vision, Mission and Priorites which are the focus of the studies, and Synod 2013 further endorsed them.

A Vision and Mission for our Church
A Bible Study series for the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA)
Compiled and facilitated by Prof Gerald West
shaped by the Bible Study Group of
the Cathedral of the Holy Nativity, Pietermaritzburg

If you have any difficulty downloading this PDF document from Google Docs, it will also be posted on the Province's website.