Thursday 26 March 2015

Listen: Archbishop Thabo's Reflection for Palm Sunday

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba wraps up our Lenten series with a reflection for Palm Sunday.

Reading: Mark 15:1-39

Next week: Archbishop Thabo's Easter reflection

References for this week:
William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army (1829–1912)
Elie Wiesel, Holocaust surviver, Nobel Peace Prize 1986 (1928-)
Timothy Rees, Bishop of Llandaff (1874-1939)
Edmund Burke, Irish political philosopher (1729-1797)
Michael Mayne, Dean of Westminster (1929–2006)

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  1. Blessed assurance. It is that LOVE that made our Godto be so vulnerable. Thanks Yout Grace....may the church of Christ dwell in the LOVE as we journey in our brpkenness towards being made whole by the very suffering LOVE of Gof.


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