Wednesday 16 February 2011

Condolences to N1 crash victims

The following statement was issued on 16 February 2011

I wish to assure the family members of those who died in this tragic accident of my prayers during this most difficult time. I pray that in the midst of their sorrow they may know the love and peace of God offering them some consolation and hope in their lives. I also hope and pray that the communities in which the families reside will surround them with love and support.

I have seen today of the miraculous birth of twins to one of the survivors of the accident. We pray for health of those two infants and for the recovery of their mother from her serious burns.

And for those who survived the accident, I pray for their full recovery. I also give thanks to God for the emergency personnel who were on the scene and those who have ministered to the injured in the several hospitals where they were admitted for care. May God continue to bless and guide them.

+Thabo Cape Town

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