Sunday 20 July 2008

Lambeth Adopts the Indaba Model of Face-to-Face Encounter

It is going to be interesting to hear the debates at the Indabas, the group discussions in which much of the Conference discussion will take place, and what the Spirit is saying to the churches that are gathered and represented here in Kent, as well as those who were represented at the GAFCON meeting in Jerusalem.

One particular aspect that has struck me about the Archbishop of Canterbury is his spirit of generosity. He prays for and is pained by those who have absented themselves from Lambeth, a sign on his part of Christian maturity, humility and generosity.

Our South African context has taught me not to stay away, but to be present and to state my case to those who disagree with me, until we all meet one other. Therefore, the response to the Anglican Covenant that we are debating at Lambeth - as I will be saying this evening in explaining the Indabas to the Conference - lies in face-to-face encounters with one another, rather than in the cold and fierce responses which, sadly, people have been exchanging with one another through the media.

We are alive, and we need to keep talking!

Pray for us, God bless, ++Thabo

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