Saturday 19 July 2008

Learning the Art of Waiting on Others and the Lord

We have just had an ecumenical service during which a stage full of ecumenical guests was welcomed. In his message, ++Rowan reflected on the reading used for our Bible study this morning.

To deviate, I am enjoying Bible study but am learning the art of being gracious and more sensitive to those who can't speak English, something I previously took for granted. We have three Koreans, a bishop from Burma and one from India in our group, and the Bible study is conducted through interpreters. It's a challenge, but an art to wait upon the others to say their say and also upon the Lord, and to say less in order to communicate more or profoundly.

In his homily, reflecting on love and the Samaritan woman at the well, ++Rowan called upon us to go deeper into God's infinite and bottomless well that has love which surpasses all understanding. He called on the ecumenical partners to challenge us as we all seek that perfection in Christ which is not possible to fully attain but nevertheless draws us into wanting to be more Christ-like.

I will not write tonight as the Vice-Chancellor of Kent University has invited the primates and spouses for dinner. Tomorrow we have our main opening Eucharist and I have a couple of media interviews.

God bless you,


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